Upload preparation | HD print quality

Only HD print quality

We are quality obsessed to the point of employing complicated algorithms verifying each and every submitted Displate so that the final product looks great. After the verification phase only a few best print-quality artworks among the submissions are published. This means that a lot of created Displates are not published.

High-resolution JPG

We only accept JPG/JPEG files. We recommend generating them from a lossless original (PSD or TIFF file) and then saving the file as a highest-quality JPEG with an embedded colour profile. Always strive for the highest quality original image, since you cannot increase the quality later. We will never edit or change the files that you upload, so the JPG quality of the original is all you get.

Image manipulation

Please DO NOT manually increase the pixel dimensions of your images by resampling in Photoshop to match our requirements. Each Displate is verified for such action and won't get past the validation. If we notice that the uploader is continuously and consciously trying to do that, we reserve the right to suspend or block the account.

Embed your color profile

If you want a specific colour profile, please embed this in your file. Otherwise the artwork will be printed as it is. In Photoshop, you can embed a colour profile from the "Image" tab, and then "Convert To Profile." You will need to make the decision on which colour profile is appropriate for your images, but the most popular profiles are sRGB and AdobeRGB (1998). To keep the colours the same, be sure to convert to a profile that is the same as your working space - have the "Source Space" and "Destination Space" be the same.

Scan/digital capture

If your original artwork is not digital, we recommend taking HD quality digital photos or scanning your original artwork by professionals or someone who knows how to do it. You may also use a film camera and have the photos scanned. Ask your friends and peers for recommendations on photographers or services to help you photograph your work. Remember that each Displate is verified for quality.

Common reasons for images not passing validation

The quality / logos / watermark / borders issues are responsible for 80% of rejections.

  • Quality is just not enough for a great print.
  • Pixels have been increased in size to match the short side requirement (2900px).
  • Image far outside the recommended 1.4:1 ratio.
  • Number of DPI less than 300.
  • Logo, watermark, borders added.
  • Text/content from the edge less than 200px for the file with min. size 4060px x 2900 px.
  • Multiple uploads of the same image with slightly changed colour palette or tiny detail.
  • The whole content of the design not included in one uploaded file.

Always check before submitting

Before you upload your artwork, be sure it is ready. Quality & colour correction, cleaning and cropping should all be completed prior to submitting. Zoom in to your picture and imagine it in someone's home. Then ask yourself: is the quality enough?